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    La Haute Société


    Drive the development of an innovative recruitment service
    La Haute Société

    Linkeys is a referral recruitment platform established in several European countries. Since 2020, we have been working together to achieve their strategic objectives.

    La Haute Société


    A one-of-a-kind platform in the recruitment market

    "Leverage your employees' networks to hire the best talent"... such is the objective that Linkeys promises to deliver.

    Recruitment professionals upload their vacancies, along with an associated referral bonus if the ideal recruit is found for the job. Meanwhile, individuals can sign up as co-opters to recommend someone from their network, who will then apply for the position. If that person is hired, the co-opter receives the bonus. This innovative model has already proven its value in harnessing professional networks that lie off the beaten track.

    La Haute Société


    Educate recruiters about the benefits of referral recruitment

    Linkeys provides recruitment professionals with a wealth of alternatives and turnkey solutions for tracking down candidates for the most in-demand profiles. When it comes to staying ahead of the pack in the race for talent, we are helping Linkeys rise to the challenge by increasing its visibility and getting it on the recruiter's radar.

    La Haute Société

    Drawing on all our expertise to deliver ambitious 360-degree support

    We have rolled out a long-term roadmap that includes overhauling the sites for recruiters and individuals with the aim of promoting an innovative recruitment service (awareness), ramping up its development (appeal) and supercharging the number of leads (conversion).

    UX: conception, design sprint & CVR optimisation

    DESIGN: interface design & iconography

    SPEAK: product & editorial content

    MEDIA: 360-degree strategy, web marketing campaigns & creative assets, SEO optimisation

    Régis Faubet - Webmarketing Consultant
    Régis Faubet
    Webmarketing Consultant

    "With this strategy, we had to convince recruitment professionals that Linkeys is the best solution for leading their co-optation programmes"

    contacts and leads from the campaigns
    La Haute Société

    Go further with Linkeys in 2023

    For the third year in a row, the Swiss start-up has chosen La Haute Société for its strategic and webmarketing support.

    An expertise appreciated within the Mare Nostrum group, which also consults us to colaborate together on many projects increasingly ambitious.

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