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    La Haute Société


    E-commerce, app and customer experience.
    La Haute Société

    We have been lending our support to France's favorite chain of organic gardening centers since 2013 with its wide-ranging digital transformation strategies (overhauling the e-commerce site and creating an app) and fulfilling its everyday needs (digital sales development plan and consulting).

    La Haute Société


    How can the brand engage with and take action on a range of strong topics that resonate with consumers' expectations without turning a blind eye to the performance of its sales development plan?

    La Haute Société


    - Overhaul the UX/UI and continually improve the botanic.com website

    - Create a mobile app for customers

    - Manage, write and plan editorial content (website and newsletter)

    - Develop annual sales - Analytics, KPI review, and reporting + Web performance analysis

    La Haute Société
    La Haute Société

    A new digital ecosystem

    The website and mobile app were designed with two ambitions in mind, namely create maximum value for the brand experience and enhance the buying experience.

    The communication style was crafted for every touchpoint in the customer journey to forge and strengthen Botanic's reputation as the gold standard among organic gardening centers. An editorial policy promoting a strong commitment: "100% Customer-Oriented - 100% Natural - 100% Quality". In 2021, efforts were directed at improving the brand's omnichannel performance, while building awareness and spotlighting the brand's commitments as reflected in the decision to incorporate CSR considerations into the new brand platform.

    La Haute Société

    A dedicated team

    The need to work practically every day on the website called for a dedicated team, featuring a lead project manager, an assistant project manager, a content manager and a full-time web designer all year long. Throughout the year, the botanic website equated to over 700 articles, posts and pages (without counting the work on the newsletter). The team had to design and upload a number of strategic pages (homepage, gardening, etc.) in addition to the sales operations that needed deploying.

    An ever changing ecosystem with a dedicated team

    A proactive team was needed with the ability to accommodate the brand's new choices, such as switching the website over to Sitecore CMS, Cognos for the CRM & Selligent for routing, with Trigger incorporated directly into Magelia. The next step involved migrating the PIM system.

    KPIs, analytics, webperf... and reporting!

    Each written production asset is scrutinized with a detailed analysis of the statistics, especially with Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. The meticulously analyzed KPIs are subsequently detailed in summary reports for providing the best advice possible.
    + 25
    sales operations every year
    + 700
    articles and pages designed every year
    Vincent Lorival - Strategic Consulting Director
    Vincent Lorival
    Strategic Consulting Director

    When it came to building an empowering brand platform that promotes the very type of consumerism that we believe in, we had to go beyond the usual retail best practices and challenge all the digital channel drivers.