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    Improve visibility and generate traffic at every touchpoint.

    Jeanneau - Premium product launch: non-business target
    Premium product launch: non-business target

    Pinpoint the right channels, craft the right messages and buy the right spaces to suit different audiences. Our teams design and manage campaigns with the power to grow your business

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    "The success of our campaigns is based on a harmonious combination of wide-ranging expertise! Identifying audience segments, then designing advertisements, content and experiences to resonate with them."

    Marion Chauviré - Media Manager
    Marion Chauviré
    Media Manager

    We generate traffic and leads for your online and offline platforms.

    • Online/offline media planning

      Who should you target and how? We identify the right touchpoints, we produce the right messages and we strike the right balance in your media budgets, because there is nothing worse than talking to a brick wall.

    • 360° media purchasing

      Roll out a campaign across every media, from the street corner to the global arena. We have the assets, experience and contacts to make all the difference.

    • Social media & influence

      Lead a community, sponsor content and leverage today's influencers: we can help you take advantage of this tremendous (and ruthless) playing field.

    • SEO / SXO / SEA

      SEO strategy and/or sponsored link campaigns: why and how? How do your visitors fit into the picture? Let's talk about it.

    • Inbound marketing and automation

      We produce content geared towards your target markets and we roll out the right scenarios that dovetail with the consideration phase of the buying process so that something great will ultimately happen.

    • Lead generation

      Create and enhance landing pages, activation campaigns, retargeting strategies... convert visitors into future customers... that's the whole idea, isn't it?

    • Analytics / Data

      Good data are effective data. To avoid a data overload, we define the right KPIs, we collect the data and we present the information in user-friendly formats allowing for easy interpretation.