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New global product launch operation for adidas Athletics:  ZNE Rip Ready !

La Haute Société is at the strategic heart of the ecosystem deployed, bringing its expertise and know-how, from consulting to design, through artistic direction, production of all deliverables, & traffic activation (display, social, adidas application, newsletter, QR codes etc.).


The « Rip Ready” hoodie is one of the flagship items in the adidas athletics range for fall / winter 2018. This hoodie has the distinction of being able to open without unzipping, by a gesture of tearing, who logically gave his name to the product: « rip ready » : ready to draw to get into the arena.

This iconic gesture has been declined in the whole graphic creation and the concept: the succession of ordinary moments leading to the extraordinary, whose « rip ready » is the signal.

The iconic gesture, here for an Instagram post by Garbine Muguruza, 2017 Wimbledon winner.

The Customer journey can begin.


Influencers’ posts and stories on Instagram enabled activation, in addition to posts and stories from adidas accounts (general, tennis, football etc.). Editorial story pages have been created to offer the athlete’s fanbases some exclusive content. Those content centric pages build a bridge between social activation and e-commerce environment, smoothly driving trafic to a buying mindset. These pages were also powered by the adidas app, appearing in the feed whose editorial content is calibrated according to user’s preferences.

Activation was also initiated by sending dynamic newsletters, and placing banners on the adidas site. On a local level, activation phase was subsequently reinforced via local influencers / athletes, specifically for the Russian and US markets.

A third phase of « live influence » activation came to drive the point: during a major sporting event, an influencer wearing the jacket, rips it in front of cameras: the moment and gesture is instantly relayed on a maximum of channels of the brand.


An example of the strength of a post adidas endorsed by Garbine Muguruza.


And directly by another world-famous influencer, Karim Benzema.


adidas all blacks veste rip ready adidas

An example of an operation in phase 3 (live influence): during an All Blacks match against Australia, and immediately after their famous Haka, the players rip-off their hoodies. Images are leveraged immediately on brand’s channels (here on the website), setting the product in a trending topic context.


For this operation, a dedicated Landing Page was created to present the product in situ, reinforced by the presence of four influencers (Karim Benzema, Garbine Muguruza, Julie Nelson, Deandre Hopkins)  for which single dedicated (« story pages » ) were created, with strong content (texts, photos, videos) to generate engagement.


The Landing Page dedicated to the promotion of the product; including links to the story page of each athlete.



The Customer Journey obviously ends with the routing of the user to the product page, from the story pages of the site, Instagram posts and stories, banners and newsletters, and QR codes on digital displays in stores.

Examples of banners for 3rd party websites

adidas qr code marketing

QR codes: Flash them in stores to discover the athletes’ stories.



In the end, an operation generating a huge and totally organic reach, without any media budget, using the only sponsorship and User Generated Content on social networks.
As an example, the only posts on Karim Benzema’s Instagram account, Instagram account and  adidas footbal Instagram account :

  •  1,278,000 views / reads
  • 605 reviews

A post engagement over 40%!



A « digital toolkit » has been produced by us for the adidas teams, in order to get everyone onboard on an internal-global level, manage localization and streamline the relations between the client and the agency.

adidas webmarketing toolkit

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